Outdoor Digital Advertising

Digital Outdoor advertising is flexible, engaging, and visually stunning.  It is also adaptive for optimal lighting conditions and customizable for focused marketing campaigns.

We utilize Daktronics’ superior resolution and performance on all of our billboards and marquees.  These state-of-the-art digital signs have an exclusive 10 slot rotation with a single slot having a 1,080 impressions per day or 7,560 impressions a week.  An occupant of one slot can have up to 5 rotating images to continuously engage repeat viewers.  We have locations in Weatherford, Clinton, Madill, Duncan and Hinton.

We have a marketing team with decades of experience in a broad range of markets.   We also offer complimentary graphic design services upon request.

For all the latest information look through our Billboard Media Packet.

For more information contact:
Marshall Dougherty