Wholesale Fuel

Wholesale Fuel

ASAP Energy, Inc. is your leading expert in fuel and oil sales.
We have over 30 years of experience serving a wide variety of fuel clients:
Convenience Stores, Farm and Ranch Fuels, Public Schools, Municipal Governments, County Agencies, Drilling and Fracking Sites.

We deliver approximately twelve (12) million gallons of motor fuel products monthly.

ASAP Energy Inc., is licensed to purchase and sell products in (8) states; specifically, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado & New Mexico.
We obtain products from Phillips 66, Conoco, Shell, Valero, and Sinclair.
We offer wholesale fuel sales and services, planning and assistance and customized buying plans for all your buying needs.

Our team of experts will ensure you receive the fuel you need at a competitive price. With our real-time tank monitoring capability software, our team of experts will ensure your inventory is managed efficiently and will ensure your business receives a competitive price for fuel.

We are your dependable partner with our own fleet of vehicles on the road 24-7 to meet all your needs!

For more information contact Ray Harris.