Energizing our Communities

Energizing Our Communities because ASAP Cares!

Energizing our Communities was built out of the need to earn donations to fund a large variety of different activities.  Our goal was to fund a program that allows all groups, organizations, schools, and communities to earn valuable donation dollars because everyone’s need does not look the same, but is equally important in the eyes of ASAP Energy Inc. 

ASAP Energy started The Duncan Public Schools Foundation Kickback Card a couple months ago. Anyone who uses this card at ASAP Energy allows them to donate two cents per gallon of gas to the foundation.

“I love community partnerships like this one because it’s a really innovative idea. It’s a easy way for people to give back, that they aren’t actually having to give up their own money just a little bit of time to go to that gas station and they can also get one cent per dollar spent in the store as well,” said Haylee Root.


Hope 2020, Christmas is Calling

We were thrilled to have so much support during our Hope 2020, Christmas is Calling event!

Through generous donations, this community raised over $27,000 and offered HOPE to those supported by FOUR amazing organizations; Action Associates, Branch15, Hope is Alive, and the Weatherford Food and Resource Center.

Our Community truly made a difference during an unprecedented year and unique holiday season, and for that we are extremely grateful!