ASAP Energy Inc. Proprietary Credit Card for Red Dyed Diesel

We are proud to offer the ASAP Energy Proprietary Credit Card to our farm and ranch customers who hold a valid Tax Exemption Card (EXM).  Use of the ASAP Proprietary Card will automatically lower the price $.433 cents per gallon.

The ASAP Proprietary Card offers the convenience of paying at the pump and consolidating all of your monthly fuel purchases on one bill.   The ASAP Proprietary Card also eliminates the need to go into the store and having the cashier turn on the pump to purchase dyed diesel.

Complete your application today!

We will run your credit to determine eligibility and all ASAP Proprietary Card accounts must comply with the authorization agreement for drafted payments. For immediate answers to all of your questions about the ASAP Energy Inc. Charge Card, please contact: 1-800-530-4300

Please note: To purchase this fuel without tax you must use the ASAP Energy Inc. Proprietary Card with Valid Tax Exemption Permit (EXM) number on file. To comply with Oklahoma Law, the legislation requires users of red diesel to obtain an annual permit from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  Under current law, the use of red diesel is only permitted for off-road vehicles.



Dyed Diesel can be purchased at the following ASAP General Stores:

Weatherford, Oklahoma
Store Manager: Heather Butler
(580) 772-5618
ASAP General Store #101

Clinton, Oklahoma
Store Manager: Oliva Dezort
(580) 323-0140
ASAP General Store #300

Geary, Oklahoma
Store Manager: Michael Forney
(405) 884-5591
ASAP General Store #301

Thomas, Oklahoma
Store Manager: Glenda Swan
(580) 661-3663
ASAP General Store #302

Hinton, Oklahoma
Store Manager: Tonya Arnold
(405) 542 3544
ASAP General Store #322

Arnett, Oklahoma
Store Manager: Angela Morgan
(580) 885-7526
ASAP General Store #304

Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Store Manager: Ashley Jenkins
(918) 331-3693
ASAP General Store #308
ASAP General Store #311

Duncan, Oklahoma
Store Manager: Dustin Hesbrook
(580) 252-2499
ASAP General Store #313

Enid, Oklahoma
Store Manager: Jeremy Caffey
(580) 701-6268
ASAP, General Store #330