ASAP Energy Inc.
Convenience Store Experts

We are your experts who work with you to make your convenience store successful.  We offer wholesale fuel sales and services, planning and assistance, and a cooper- ative buying plan for all your store items.
Wholesale & Retail Fuel Sales

Our experts will see that you receive the fuel you need at a competitive price.  We help you stay in business with predictive fuel sales software and real-time tank monitoring.

Fuel Transportation Specialists

Whenever your business depends upon the right fuel at the right time, ASAP Energy Inc. is your dependable partner. Our fleet of delivery vehicles is on the road 24/7 to meet your needs.
ASAP Energy Inc. offers brand name and unbranded fuels for your operations

 Mailing Address:
    ASAP Energy Inc.
    PO Box 685
    Weatherford, OK 73096

Ship to Address:
     ASAP Energy Inc.
     1501 N Airport Rd
     Weatherford, OK 73096
On the move to meet all your fueling demands...

Rollback Savings

Want to save money on gasoline or diesel?  We all do.  Now, your local Fast Lane Store has a way for you to ROLLBACK the price of your fuel 5 cents on every gallon.  Use your Phillips 66 Personal or Commercial credit card, and our pumps will ROLLBACK the price of every gallon instantly.

Whether your getting 2 gallons or 20 gallons, the savings are instantly applied.  Just swipe your Phillips 66 Personal or Commercial credit card.

Apply online for to begin your savings at

Don't want another credit card?  That's OK too.  Your local Fast Lane Store will also ROLLBACK your price 5 cents when you use a Phillips 66 Gift Card.  Just visit a store to get your Phillips 66 Gift Card, load it with a prepaid amount, and then use it just like a credit card at any Phillips 66, Cononco, or 76 station across America.  Ask the Fast Lane Store Clerk for your Phillips 66 Gift Card today.



Earn rebates on the things you buy! Cards are FREE at any Fast Lane Store or Lucille's Roadhouse Restaurant. You begin accumulating KickBack® points immediately. You must be enrolled to redeem points and to be eligible for prize give-a-ways. KickBack® points are not redeemable for cash but they spend like cash at any participating location.

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